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Monday, June 22, 2009

never turned on in the mental ward with Sex

So I bought awesome handcuffs to try out with my partner in crime Joe.  But the setting has to be perfect or it does nothing for me..when i get paid a strobe light is on the menu.  hard rock, strobe light fooling around!! AHHH SUKI SUKI!!  We call it partners because we are non-conformist crazy asses and need our own title.  I think he will be scared at first but I am a wild bitch and even I don’t know what to expect from myself.  I’m on new meds…I just got out of the hospital again…..It is a complete mental ward. I was in the Trauma unit which was awesome, I learned allot from them.  I hate sex with every bit of me..but the doctor says its my medication that causes my libido to be low..so the strobe thing if to just make a wild fun atmosphere.

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