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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The 99

My freind Evan and I Came to an astonishing conclusion..Call it an Epiphany if you will.  I’m going to share this with you so that you may be aware of what category your in, and maintain it or convert yourself to fit in the group that “Society” has yet to let you in on.

99 percent of the world conforms to what they see and hear from the media, their parents, their selfishness, etc.  99 Percent of you conform to one religion, whatever it may be, and stick close to it for spiritual safety precautions. 


1 Percent of us decided at a youing age thast we were freaks, never belongong, being teased and tormented within ourselves because we weren’t like anyone else.  we grew up and tried to conform but conformity was not in oujr hearts.  we know ourselves, we know the futute som of us can read others and feel their pain or happiness.  We are differtent and people don’t know why they hate us, or tag us as strange “Keep away from that one”…My message is for the 99’s and the 1’s.  it is completly alright to be a one, Ones are sparse but you can still find us if you get back to searching.  a hard search.  99’s are in great abundance.  My revolution if ytou want to call it that, is to get 99’s to watch EVERYTHING around them. To smell the roses and listen to the birds singing when you go outside.  filter noise. make yourself vulnerable by becomeing a nonconformaist .  Dig deep within yourself and look at people one person at a time, feel them…free yourself fromj a life of wiushing you had done more.  There is so much more to life than what color shirt I have on.  Devel into your spiritual side. open your mind to all aspects of religion and your own beleifs.  I beleive in the Christian God, his Son Jesus Crist who died for my sins, and the holy spirit..and that there are many angels around us.  But people..my beleifs don’t end there.  I beleive in so many otgher things that churches tend to be afraid of me w2hen I shared my thought with them. they thought I was “demon Possessed”. so I stopped goingto church and made my own spirituality.  everything around us is alive, nont just the birds…not just the pouncing squirrels, but the trees..are they not alive also?  the plants your mother talks to and she swears they’ve gotten fuller since she started, they are alive.  and even the little insects have their own ways of life.  those are the thoughts of 1 percent of us.  Won’t you 99’s join us?

Thank you Evan for helping me to see through a whole new sense of enlightenment. .


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  2. You might enjoy my channel, web pages. Once, when I went to Kansas, I saw a whole village of very undwordly Amish.




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