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Monday, May 4, 2009

Drunken N Bunkin’

So my friend joe and I went to a drag bar and all the men were hitting on him and buying us shots.  I made sure he got drunk cuz he;d never gotten drunk before. he bought the screwdrivers, I bouth the slippery nipples and sex on the beach.  he was fucked up, but I was still able to walk fine and drive.  So I pulled his drunken ass out of the bar and into my car and we headed home..but on the way home I had to barf, so I pulled over in an old parking lot while he called all of his family members telling them how wasted he was lol.  So he calls his nephew and tells him he’s with a woman with big tits and is getting big tits tonight..I was barfing then he really felt it and was telling me he loved me and I leaned the seat back to give myself a rest and started spinning then barfed again on my shirt and in the lot.  he leaned his head on my breast and said “I’m trashed” lol.  It was awesome, so I took him home and leaned back in my chair in his driveway and spun some more then looked over and he was laying on the ground and I knew I couldn’t go up the steps so, I screamed “Joey get up and go inside now!”  he somehow made it lol…he says it was a blast and I have to agree.


  1. LOL Oh you yongins... I first got drunk at a friend's house. I had it mixed in with juice...which is BAD lol. It took me about 3 major hangovers to finally swear off getting plastered. Wine is devine for this 27 year old... LOL But tell Joey congrats and happy hangovers in the future. (Mic Nuggets are great with hang overs)

  2. it was a blast Val i do have to admit but next time i will have to have more on my stomach then just a dam little burger from Wendy's LOL that is why i got trashed so quick but i would not change one bit from Friday night it was awesome getting drunk with a friend



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