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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Manic and happy

I feel something coming on strong with me.  for a change I wrote positive poems.  I feel happy, I think I’m finally getting well due to the therapy I’m getting.  Mom also gave me a long talk when I get caught with the weed several months ago.  she used to work at the jail and did a full body pat down and found my stash in my bra.  I was glad she found it.  She told me many things and I got wisdom from her.  I feel like I am really in recovery from my illness.  I feel good.  HUZZAH!!

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  1. You feeeellll goood......and you knew you would now......SO GOOD.......SO GOOD...........HAGHHHH.......where's James Brown when u need the man? Oh, in the ground.....



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