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Monday, March 23, 2009

farts and Dews

I b ought some makeup that I like so I dont feel so shitty now about the way I present myself.
I picked up sticks in the yard today..fun huh..yeah sure. then I got a refill soda pop..I like mountain dew. the one thing that sucks is that the refil cup ios all i have money to fill and it is freaking huge..but mind you I will drink all 54 ounces of my Dew this evening. Having to move has been a bit chaotic but fun in some ways. My mom and I share a bed since the other one she was sleeping on smells like piss. Mom farts..she has lets say az flatulence problem. I cope...my meds knock mew out so I am not even aware of the stench of her ass poofs.

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  1. Hey it's me Evan. You do the dew eh? That stuff is like the toxic waste of pop. I can't say I drink alot of pop any more... I'm a recovering pop addict lol. Once in a while I'll have one... but now I drink Diet Rite which is both tasty and colorfull LOL.



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