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Monday, March 16, 2009

Life and death

I vlog on youtube alot but we moved and i don't have my camera set up so this is what I'm resorting to until i get my cam back up.
News: I almost freaking died. I was dead and they charged my back to life wirth their chargers.
they cut all of my clothes off and i was in ICU for 2 weeks then got a private room since my mom works at the hospital I was at. nice and now.....I'm here
talking to you when I coulds be dead. Here is a poem I wrote ther other day.

When you see death

Your visions appear

Ever so bright

But not very clear

To stare at his wits

And bear his own chains

Death only wakes

When you touch him with pangs

Do as you will

He’ll see as you do

And when opportunity knocks

He comes for you

3/3/09 vg

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  1. Found your blog,hon.Nice to hear your voice on the phone last couple days.Was worried about you something fierce.



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