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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Bald Bitch; Is Back

So I talked to my freind Frank today and he mentioned a good way to go bald again...use Veet. It is for leg hair removal but I'm sure it will work on my head. Thanks Frank :-)
It's getting easier living with Grandma...
Oh my bitch cousin told me she..wait let me tell you the whole story.
I emailed her to congratulate her on her adopting 6 kids (just to be nice because I think she's making a stupid move. shje is so damn lost from who she is it's pathetic) so she wrote back and said we were cool. So I wrote back and told her I loved her and to call my cell phone when she comes to visit and she said she would but never called never acknowledged that I told her I loved her. and she is just a bitch and I'm done witrh her..except familly reunions. she is in the pic above..she is the one in green shirt. hope I dont get sued lol
If you want to know more about mine and her problem (which was huge and religion / her husbanmd was coming on to me blog. go to youtube.com an\d visit my vlog there it's kittyvamp1977
ok gotta stop writing n ow and fix the typos.
shlater mater


  1. Awww shucks, tweren't nothing, hon.

  2. PS

    Just remember to shave down to about a 1 guard or 2 guard buzz all over BEFORE you do the veet. You'd be surprised all the stuff I hear online from friends who have alopecia worse than me,lol.

  3. Hey. I was thinking of using Veet on my head too. Did it work? Did it irritate your scalp?



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