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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ghosts & The Crazy House

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First I’d like to give a shout out to Frank, Evan, and Ben.  *SHOUT*  WOOHOO!!!   I just had a huge energy drink and am feeling like I’m going to climb the walls.  it’s cold outside but I want to go to a cemetery and take pics.  I usually use them in my art…and hey maybe I’ll catch a ghost.  That's scary tho.   You have to be careful at cemeteries because you can bring something home with you.  I’m used to ghosts though.  My old house had ghosts.  I lived 23 years with nothing but ghost activity so I know how to handle them.  I communicate with them.  which is also a scary thing because you can become possessed…then you’d need someone to exercise it from you. Oh the pleasures of something we don't understand.  Sticks and stones sculls and bones.  Freaky man.  Well I am wanting to shave my head again, but my hair is black and my face is pale so it kinda looks cool…if I can hide the balding spots of torment. I had cancer and it screwed my hair up, so now its thin and fuckedup. And I’d get my lip and eyebrow pierced again. but if I have to go to the crazy house, they make you take off all jewelry and it made my piercings close up again.  ok this is a pic of my old lip ring. You’ll see why I like it so much.  I also Like having the 3rd eyes Here is a pic of my 3rd eye also.Ok I’m way too hyper, later!MVC-634F  MVC-510S

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