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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wuss and the crying game

ok, I’m a wuss when it comes to crim,e drama tv shows..especially cold case.   before we moved in with grandma I would watch cold case and cry my ass off knowing that mom was in the other room and wouldn’t know.  Now we live with grandma and I watched cold case because I got my meds so I figured I’d be able to handle it..instead I started balling my eyes out.   

So I call granny in to watch “An awesomely good show”  then when it ended the little dead boy walked down the pier and gave the officer a smile..then dissapered and ok I’m crying again.  grandma was like..”if you can’t handle it change the channel”..instead I went on about how aweful the world is to children..and cried even more..I’m such a wuss.  poor grandma. When I cry I cry hard lol.  So end of story.


  1. Hey nothing wrong with that... LOL when I watch a touching and deep scene in a movie... I almost cry. I guess I fight it back and swallow LOL

  2. lol. wish I had that kind of control..I just flat out ball lol



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