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Friday, April 24, 2009

Shit With The Kill

I just had 2 energy drinks with my medicine and I feel like taking the dog for a walk.  only my moms dog, there are 4 dogs in this house.  I love my moms dog and my deaf pup, but the other ones aren’t trained and piss and shit all over.  I need out of this place.  It’s nice to stay since our home was taken from us, and I don't mean to diss my grandma but the damn dogs need training.

Other than that everything is cool,  I stepped in shit this morning so that was fun.  I see my shrink at 3:30 so I have to pick my mom up @ 3:00 and rush to get to my appointment.

Jared Leto is so freaking hot.  I want everyone;ne to check out 30 seconds to mars and watch their the Kill video..it won an mtv award as best video of the year.  it’s really awesome, they based it off of the movie and Stephen king book the shining. 

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