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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Hell Queen

Glitter glitter all around..I love glitter on my eye lids and lips…It seems to be a Fall thing only for me though. I want to give a shout out to Frank, Joe, Evan, Ben…and to my homies on the sidewalk looking for their babies mama..I feel you..

So Joe and I hung out yesterday and it was so much fun. I never get to spill my guts and he bought me a mountain dew without wanting sex afterwards lol. Then I talked to my buddy Frank about politics and Thats always fun..I like talking those things as long as nobody goes berserk. Some members of my family go nuts when you debate politics ands it’s like..hide me in a corner in the fetal position sucking my thumb..or my toe depending on whats more convenient.

I’m gonna put some links on here so you can know me a little better…all of you don’t see the dark side of the RavenLei

This is a link to my published poetry


Here is a link to my YouTube account, so all you haters can watch and learn from a goddess of mystical proportions…Hey..I don’t judge. Enjoy


Here is an easy way to be an activist. check out all the things you can do online to save nature and human/animal rights…just give it a shot will ya..damn you people are hard to please *wink wink*


Heres my page on care2


it has pics of my deaf lil puppy lestat

Ok so enjoy the trip to insanity..I dont go down alone so watch your asses. I’ll slurp you in like a frog catches flies..and take you to the portals of a hellish pergatorious plight.

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