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Friday, July 3, 2009

After Diner

Joey and I got together last night and he got all pissy-assed so we decided that we needed a break from one another for a couple weeks.  It made me paranoid like I
did something wrong, which I did.  I am a confused person and may have tainted a little of our boundaries, enough that he freaking wouldn’t stop hitting on me and trying to kiss me even tho I said stop and no. 

I have been depressed, then he said he might go bowling today and it made me mad at him, even though he has every right to go.  My mom and I talked when I picked her up and she said he was a best friend to me and that I was making more of it thinking he was trying to hurt me by saying he was going bowling when I would have wanted to go also.  But I am wrong to think those things.  He hasn’t a mean bone in his body.  We have our differences, but we have more in common than anything.

We were both sheltered sick children, whose mothers have always been there for us and helped us. We are both very close with our moms.  I guess sometimes I get pissed when
I shouldn’t and I feel bad for it, but happy that he and I are still and hopefully forever friends.  I going to see him tonight when I pick up my strobe light.  Mom is excited to turn on music and the strobe light tonight after dinner but before I pick up my new friend Billie.  My mom is a freaking blast.

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