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Sunday, July 5, 2009

New friends and the OCD’ing Mom

I stayed @ a new friend of mines house for the 4th of July.  It was fun.  It feels like I’ve known her forever.  Joey is still my best friend.  I have always believed you can have as many best friends as you could trust.  I still don’t know her well enough to say best friend, but Joey I know is my best friend.  So I am just sitting and smoking and bored.  I took this new friend, her name is Billie, to get her prescriptions filled, I took her to the hospital last night and they said she has bleeding ulcers.  So I drove her to get her prescriptions filled and we picked them up today. 

I’m going to hang out with her again tonight.  Mom makes me feel guilty that I am going but I have the right to go ya know…It is just I am trying to have my independence but I still don’t have my boundaries set completely. She keeps giving me chores to do and I don’t know why she is so OCD about things li9ke cleaning and shit.  oh well, going to go help her now.

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